3 v 3 Rules


  • A team can have up to 4 players

  • 12 minute games or first team to 21 points

  • 2 point field goals are 2 points, 3 point field goals are 3 points

  • On a “check”, ball must be passed in

  • After 4 team fouls, a point and the ball is awarded to the offense

  • On a shooting foul, offensive team is awarded a point and the ball

  • Losers outs

  • Defensive team is granted possession on jump balls

  • The winner is the team with the highest score at the end of 12 minutes or first to 21 points

  • The ball must be “checked” to start play *exception is off of defensive rebound, ball just needs to pass the 3 point line and play continues

  • in the event of a tie, next bucket wins

  • NO timeouts

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